Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Caring For Plants

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Having indoor plants can brighten up your office and create a lively environment for your employees to enjoy. Aside from the health benefits that plants can provide, they can turn your home or office into a more welcoming and colorful place.

However, they do require an element of care, which is why sometimes offices opt out of installing plants. But if you still love the idea of having something earthy and natural in your office, there are ways to maintain them with smart planning and minimum effort. This is something that can be suggested by professional green thumbers.

To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Sweetbush has put together a list of the most common mistakes businesses make when caring for plants and advice on how to take care of your plants better.

1. Overlooking the importance of interior plants in a work environment.

Interior plants are usually one of the last things most people address in enhancing a work environment. After an office renovation or building a new facility, much of the funds have diminished, and sometimes people take shortcuts in decorating the office, often done without putting in much thought and making it look so.

2. Neglecting the aesthetic appeal of plants.

Just like the artwork on the walls, plants can add so much to any workspace environment. Not only do they help clean the air from all of the toxic building materials, but they bring warmth and life to an often cold environment.

3. Looking for the cheapest options available.

At times businesses may resort to buying plants from a local big box building supply store and have an employee maintain them to save money. Case in point - a local business who did not have a budget left to hire professionals, did it themselves. The results in just a few months were dead leaves on the new carpeting around the plants, some plants with bug infestations and the wrong type of plants for the kind of lighting they were getting. The truth is the office would have been better off with fewer plants or no plants at all in this scenario.

4. Incorrect placement of plants.

Having the wrong plant in the wrong environment is just setting you up for disaster. Space, lighting, temperature, size, are all things to be considered when placing a plant. When you see a dying plant, it not only makes you feel sad, but it gives a negative image of the business.

So don’t set yourself up for disaster. If you can’t afford a professional service, select just a couple of plants that will give your home or business a positive image. Less really can be more!

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