Frequently Asked Questions About Using A Plant Rental Service

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Frequently Asked Questions About Using A Plant Rental Service

At Sweetbush, we want you to find information about renting plants that is accurate so you can make an informed decision when choosing greenery for your home or office. To ensure you have all your questions answered, we have compiled some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about using a plant rental service.

1. Why would I pay for a plant rental service when we can go out and buy plants?
Well, most indoor plants you buy from a home and garden store are never cared for properly by their staff. They aren't experts in caring for plants and often have other things more important than watering the stock. This often leads to plants with disease and bug issues.

2. Why would we pay someone to water our plants?
I know, most managers or building owners think Joe from the mail room or Michelle at the front desk can take care of the plants in their spare time. Assuming others have the time to take proper care results in the plants looking horrible in a few months because let's face it, Joe and Michelle have real work duties they need to get done, and that is their priority.

3. How much does it cost?
The cost depends on many factors; how many plants, the size of the plants, i.e., a desk plant versus a floor plant, the time it will take to service, etc.

4. Why do we need plants in our office, home or work environment?
Besides making your home or office look more attractive and appealing to visitors, studies have proven the many benefits of plants. They clean the air, boost morale, help with creative thinking and lessen the number of employee-sick days. A win-win for everyone!

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