Business Spotlight : Sweetbush Tropical Plant Services

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About Sweetbush Inc.

We are an interior landscape company, providing and maintaining tropical indoor plants in corporate environments. We currently have twelve employees. Our business operates Monday through Friday. We work in the greater Milwaukee area, as well as downtown Chicago and the Illinois suburbs.

Sweetbush began when I was in college. It started with me and a bunch of my friends driving a van from Milwaukee to Florida and back carrying tropical plants. Then to sell them, I staged "plant parties" hosted in people's homes. I quickly realized that this youthful adventure to have some fun and make little money contained the necessary elements for a sound business model.

Our business is consistent all year. In the winter, we are busy with holiday decorating. Business is booming during late spring and early summer when we provide containerized, outdoor plants and flowers for local restaurants and bars.

While we work with a large variety of businesses and residential clients, our particular niche is the medium-sized business with between 25 and 300 employees. Our typical customer is looking to create a distinctive ambience. The want something different to jazz up an inviting space. Our clients are looking for a personal touch, not the cookie-cutter look of placing humdrum plants in corners.

We are currently moving to a new facility just outside of the downtown area. We will be complete by the end of May. We are very excited about this move and the opportunities it creates. We are introducing our retail division. We will showcase unique plants and containers which retail customers, home and apartment dwellers, and businesses will be able to view and purchase.

The Sweetbush Difference

At Sweetbush, it is our number one priority to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers. Some of our clients have been with us for over thirty years! Every member of our team makes it a point to get to know our clients. No matter how much we grow as a company, we strive to preserve the feeling that you are working with a small business. If you have a question or need help a problem; we aim to provide answers and solutions at the first point of contact.

We are especially proud of our service technicians. These valued ambassadors for our company look after our accounts and meet our clients week in-and-out. They are the relationship builders. They are known for reliably being available to give their clients tips on caring for their own plants at home.

In addition to our best-in-class customer service, we work hard to stay abreast with the latest horticulture trends and keep the creative juices flowing. At Sweetbush, we love coming up with new ideas and sharing leading edge concepts in tropical plant design with our clients.

As a tropical plant company, Sweetbush is naturally conscious of the environment. We are a pesticide-free company. We control any possible bug issues with soap and natural, organic products. I wouldn't want chemicals in my office. We staunchly maintain that same healthy attitude for our customers as well. We also try to use recycled containers where possible.

Sweetbush is very active within our community. We donate to many of our client’s fundraisers. We also work with local schools on various planting projects with the kids.

If you'd like more information on our interior or exterior, floral, plant or tree services, please click here. If you have any questions about adding pizzazz to your space with tropical plantswe’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.