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Why Plants?

According to the US Environmental Protection agency, workers are exposed to more than 500 volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) every day. Research conducted by NASA has proven that properly maintained plants improve indoor air quality and help remove pollutants

Just two plants per 100 square feet are significant enough to help cleanse the air. Plants also help control humidity, preserving building materials and employee health, according to a study at Washington State University.

Plants are nature’s perfect solution for cleaner air! Healthy, happy plants from Sweetbush may make your employees feel the same way.

Our Plants

  • High Light

    These plants need direct sunlight. They should be placed within six feet of a window. They'll also do well in an atrium or similar environment.

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  • Medium Light

    These plants can thrive in environments such as a room with a window, but away from the window. 

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  • Low Light

    These are plants that can thrive in low-light environments, such as interior spaces or rooms with no windows and soft, ambient lighting.

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  • Blooming

    Our blooming plant programs are designed to meet everyone’s needs. Order blooming plants individually, or mix blooming plants with green plants.

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