Importance of Indoor Plants and Plant Caring Tips

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Interior plant rental, Interior plant maintenance, Custom Floral design, healthy environment

Indoor plants beautify the indoor space, and create a more naturalistic element to sterile looking spaces. Well, indoor plants do more than just beautifying the indoor space. Research has revealed that keeping plants in your working and/or living space can bring numerous mental and physical health benefits.

Plants in the workplace do not only offer an aesthetic value, but studies have shown that they help in reducing stress, enhance employees attitudes, increase productivity, and also improve the air quality. On the other hand, having indoor plants in your home adds color, texture and great warmth to the house. They also allow you an all year round access to simple gardening and improves the air quality.

Let's take a close look at the importance of plants and how they create a healthy environment on people's living and working spaces:

  • Increased Productivity

Productivity is generally improved in environments were indoor plants are present. Focus, concentration, and cognitive task are all much more improved, thus increasing the workforce productivity. The higher levels of concentration and focus are attributed to the ability of plants to reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide present in the air and increasing the amounts of oxygen. This means you breathe in more oxygen which in turn heightens your attention, and improves your creativity. In addition, the plants provide a calming environment; and working under a calming influence of mother nature enhances performance, and improves accuracy which ultimately yields higher quality results.

  • Better Health and Morale

Indoor plants help in improving employees health and morale. According to some recent studies, employees who work in environments with indoor plants experience some of the following symptoms much less often; colds, headaches, fatigue and dizziness, coughing and dry skin. These employees are also much more energetic than the employees who work in places with no indoor plants.

  • Purifies the Indoor Air

Plants are nature’s perfect solution for cleaner and pure air. Well, the natural procedure of photosynthesis absorbs the carbon dioxide in the air while at the same time releasing oxygen. The plants also absorb the pollutants and provide the workplace with cleaner air. Newly constructed buildings which are tightly sealed and well insulated normally trap pollutants which are released from the furniture and carpeting. The indoor plants absorb such pollutants giving you a much pure indoor air and healthier working environment. 

  • Aesthetic Appeal

You will agree with me that offices which have indoor plants look much nicer and more inviting than those without. Office indoor plants do not only improve the workplace surroundings for employees/staff, but they also provide a much more welcoming and inviting place for clients.

Some of the other reasons why you should have indoor plants in your workplace or home include, but not limited to; Increases happiness, gives you a general sense of well being, reduces stress and improves your mood, lowers blood pressure, reduces noise, controls humidity to within optimum levels for better human health, offers a cooling effect on the surrounding and many more.

Important Plant Caring Tips

  • Proper lighting and watering are some of the most important components of plant care. Always make sure that your indoor plants get the appropriate light, and always water them accordingly.
  • Always watch out for the plant pests.
  • Plants basically acclimatize slowly to different surroundings by gradually changing the leaf orientation and the structure. So if possible, try not to move your plants around so much.
  • You can still have indoor plants where you have limited space. Some of the new designs utilize tall containers which take up just a little space.

Since most of the people who live in Wisconsin and Illinois spend most of their time indoors (at work or at home), it would be a wise idea to get some indoor plants and get to enjoy the many benefits they offer. In addition, indoor plants are relatively inexpensive and are an environmental friendly way of improving the workplace and living space environment. So when it’s time to add new life to your space call Sweetbush, and make a difference in your little corner of the world.

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